Direct Mail Is Dead! . . . Or Is It?

Why send postcards (aka direct mail)? You may be thinking, what about email?? Well, you probably have the physical addresses of all of your customers, but only a fraction of their email addresses. More importantly, response rates to marketing material sent to existing customers as measured by the Data and Marketing Association, average 0.12% for email and 5.3% for postcards – over a 40 times higher response rate with postcards.

In this webinar you'll learn 2 direct mail strategies, how to create a highly effective postcard, how to tailor your messaging for segments of your audience, and the most optimal times to send them to your customers. Finally, you will learn how to increase your response rate with a multi-channel approach (postcards and emails).

In addition, anyone that views this webinar will receive our handy guide to setting up an effective direct mail program (this guide is completely complimentary).

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